I'm sorry Miss Jackson, but Jesse - aka MADSCIENCE - is the reverend of sass on the dance floor. If he doesn’t get you dancing, no one will.  Jesse and I have been working together for years and playing off one another’s vibe with absolute ease.  Jesse brings a production background - producing for multiple pop artists - and has catapulted to the top of the most-sought list of DC DJs over the last few years.  And it’s no wonder - he simply kills it every time, mixing the perfect blend of pop, hip-hop and guilty pleasures so well it makes my heart smile and floors erupt.  I have no qualms in saying he’s one of the most talented DJs on the east coast and he will prove it to you in his second SIREN gig.  Here are some of his favorite Girl Group tracks:  

BrownStone -  "If You Love Me
3LW - "Baby Ima Do You Right"
Cherish - " Do It To IT"
Total -  "What About Us"
SWV - "Anything",  "I'm so into you"
TLC - "Scrubs",  "What About Your Friends"
En vogue - "En Vogue", "Never Gonna Get It"
Salt N Pepa - "Push it"
Mary Mary - "Praise Him"
Blaque - "Bring IT All To ME", "808"
24K -  "Don't Go There"
Little Mix - "Salute"
Fifth Harmony -  "Bo$$"


Wesley Dolla Volla (DJ Della Volla)

Della Volla and I go way back to ’06 and if anyone loves girl groups more than I do - it’s definitely him.  He has always been had a phenomenal ear for pop music  - whether it’s rounding up new sounds for KickKickSnare or helping spearhead parties like Pop Goes the World and DJing at events with me since ’10.  To say I’m comfortable with him in the DJ booth is beyond an understatement.  Expect his set to be UK GURL GROUPS galore, as there is no bigger fan of acts like the Sugababes, the Saturdays or Girls Aloud.

1. Sugababes
2. Destiny's Chid
3. Spice Girls
4. TLC
5. En Vogue
6. Girls Aloud
7. Saturdays
8. 2NE1
9. Danity Kane
10. Little mix

1 Sugababes "Push The Button"
2 Destiny's Child "Jumpin' Jumpin'"
3 Spice Girls "Say You'll be There"
4 TLC "Silly Ho"
5 Girls Aloud "Something Kinda Ooh"
6 The Saturdays "If This Is Love"
7 En Vogue: "Never Gonna Get It"
8 All Saints "Never Ever"
9 Little Mix "Wings"
10 Danity Kane "Bad Girl"


SIREN Guest DJ Jack Rayburn 

Jack’s ear for the eclectic was one of the things that drew me to him when I originally asked him to be a part of a SIREN back in the spring of 2011.  He knows how to decipher what good pop music is and always comes with his A-Game when he DJs at SIREN and other parties.  A must-experience is his periodic VIDEO TIME MACHINE night at NUMBER 9 (this Saturday, invite), where all of these things are on vivid display as he takes us through the decades of quality pop and makes you want to create a bar-side dance floor.  He’s absolutely a doll to work with and is sure to kill it on the downstairs.  Expect a good mix of girl groups from all over the world during his two hours of making you shake it in tight spaces.  

  1. Bananarama
  2. Destiny's Child
  3. Dream
  4. Eden's Crush
  5. M2M
  6. Pussycat Dolls
  7. The Spice Girls
  8. TLC
  9. Sugababes
  10. The Veronicas

1. C'est La Vie (B*Witched)
2. Damaged (Danity Kane)
3. This is Me (Dream)
4. My Lovin' (En Vogue)
5. Hold On (Wilson Phillips)
6. Not Gonna Get Us (t.A.T.u)
7. Saturday Night Divas (Spice Girls)
8. Red Dress (Sugababes)
9. Shoop (Salt-n-Pepa)
10. Louder (Parade)

"Golden Boy" - KYLIE MINOGUE

Another quality b-side from the Kiss Me Once sessions from the Kween, herself - Miss Kylie Minogue

SIREN welcomes guest dj SAM BLODGETT

SIREN celebrates the old and the new this Friday at its flagship party, the 4th Annual ROBYN RIOT at one of DC's gems of a venue, the Green Lantern.  We celebrate for the fourth time the leading lady in our dancing lives, Robyn, and also welcome a new DJ to the fore - Sam Blodgett.  
A DC resident, Sam has surfaced with a great new party in the District called BUTCH QUEEN that basically focuses on shaking your ass non-stop for hours - and that's just what the doctor ordered for SIREN.  Additionally, his skills are beyond his experience and he brings his A-Game every time he plays.  This boy is definitely one to watch in the scene and worth every sweat stain on the dance floor.
Sam is a welcome addition to the plethora of amazing DJs that've graced the stages of SIREN and MAJRmusic events, including Nacey, Wesley Della Volla (who returns this week), Aaron Riggins, Cale, Vanniety Kills, Matt Bailer, Ca$$idy, Shea Van Horn, Charlie Kordes, The PocketGays and countless others.
He had a few words to say about what Robyn means to him, his favorite Robyn tracks and his own party: 

Robyn is probably my favorite pop star ever. I first heard her on Z95.7, the Bay Area's finest radio station in the 90s -- they had Robyn's early singles on heavy rotation. I have distinct memories of singing along to Show Me Love and Do You Know (What It Takes) with my mom in the car when I was 8. Robyn Is Here was one of my favorite albums growing up. If it were a record, it would be worn through.

Yes, she's great because writes fantastic songs and is an extraordinary performer but (maybe this is my fantasy) she also seems like a top quality human. I'm very drawn to her story: she walked away from a huge record deal after Robyn Is Here's success because she didn't want to compromise her artistic integrity. It took her years to recover that success, but she did it on her own terms, with her own record label. And now she's a household name, at least for the gays. Talk about the power of perseverance.

And then 2012 came along and I found myself front and center at the infamously sweaty U Street Music Hall show. She came on for her encore, and it was Show Me Love (of course). I was blissing out. And then, while she's mid-chorus, she reaches out, touches my hand, and sings the damn song straight into my eyes. After 18 years of living with her music, that was pure magic.

TOP 10
1. Girl and the Robot (Robyn/Royksopp)
2. Hang With Me
3. Show Me Love
4. Dancing On My Own
5. Time Machine
6. None of Dem
7. Do You Know (What It Takes)
8. Indestructible
9. Just Another Girlfriend
10. Konichiwa Bitches

About Butch Queen
Butch Queen started as three friends fooling around with DJ equipment in my living room. The three of us (Kris Sutton, Dioni Rey, and me) share a love for hip hop, house, 90s RnB, Baltimore and Jersey club music, and more, and we weren't hearing a lot of those jams out at bars. Eventually our impromptu in-house dance parties grew big enough that our apartments were too small and we kept running out of booze. So Butch Queen was born.

We're also hoping to create a diverse, inclusive party -- one that is mixed gender and mixed ethnicity (like the three of us). DC's scene lacks that sometimes. But above all else, our top three priorities are loud bass, strong drinks, and low booties. Everything else is just gravy. Really awesome gravy.

"Damage Control" - THE FAINT

The Faint return with a new, self-produced (and it shows) album Doom Abuse that's flush with gritty electroclash and punk energy.  It's an odd album in that it doesn't have the charm of their most mature (best) efforts Danse Macabre or Wet from Birth - it actually feels like a throwback to their early years (even in production).  While the best track might be the insane, balls-to-the-wall Help in the Head, this track (Damage Control) is a departure for them in its controlled, slow and deliberate nature.  It's somewhere between delicate with its synths and angry with the arduous use of them, while giving off an intense feeling of resolution - and even sadness - in its lyricism.  I keep playing it and I'm not sure why - I suppose it's just really interesting.  Like it - GET IT.

Slow Dancing EP - BETTY WHO

Thanks to our friends over at KickKickSnare (namely Wesley), we got the tip-off on the delightful little EP from our favorite amazonian Aussie princess (or band, rather) Jessica Newham (aka BETTY WHO).


New MAJR live mixtape: "F***ing Around on a Tuesday"

Recorded live in one sitting this past Tuesday and full of most of the jams I'm LOVING right now:

Good Enough to Keep - TENSNAKE ft. NILE ROGERS & FIORA
Let Go - RAC ft. KELE & MNDR
Paper Heart - CHLÖE HOWL
Tongues - JOYWAVE ft. KOPPS
Jungle Fever - IDA CORR
Ghost (Viceroy remix) - MYSTERY SKULLS
Pumpin’ Blood (Wekeed remix) - NONONO
#1 in Heaven - MNDR
Chase Us Around - VICEROY ft. MADI DIAZ
Ash Tree Lane (Live City remix) - MS MR
Chocolate (HLM remix) - THE 1975
No Strings - CHLÖE HOWL
Hard Out Here - LILY ALLEN
Just Another Night (DJ Kue remix) - ICONA POP
Team (Panic City remix) - LORDE
Never Will Be Mine (Kat Krazy remix) - RYE RYE ft. ROBYN 
Stand Back (WLDCT remix) - STEVIE NICKS
Dreams (Megaman & Panic City remix) - FLEETWOOD MAC
Somebody Loves You (Jordan Dyck & Ambisoul remix) - BETTY WHO
Mr. President - KYLIE MINOGUE 
Let Go for Tonight (Kat Krazy remix) - FOXES
Don’t Wanna Dance Alone (Cole Plante remix) - FIFTH HARMONY 
Climbing Walls (Viceroy remix) - STRANGE TALK
The Word is Love (Tommie Sunshine/Live City remix) - STEVE HURLEY/SHARON PASS
Little White Doves - DIRTY VEGAS
Jealous (I Ain’t With It) - CHROMEO 
Friday Night Gurus - STUDIO KILLERS
Invisible Light (DJ ZAX remix) - SCISSOR SISTERS
The NeverEnding Story (MAJR club edit) - LIMAHL
F For You (MAJR club edit) - DISCLOSURE ft. MARY J. BLIGE
The Distance - CAKE

TIMJ! - "Dear in Your Headlights" - BLONDFIRE

This song is the cat's pajamas - especially when I'm wearing my cat pajamas.  So good.  Get it.

Weekenditty: "Summer" - CALVIN HARRIS

Well... this isn't horrible - it's no award winner, but it's not deplorable dance like so many out there.  It sounds just like his last single Under Control, but oh well.  It's Calvin, and if we must embrace a mass-produced sound on the decks, he's at his core the best.  So, Mr. Harris, feel free to phone it in - we'll wait for the good stuff later.  In the mean time - get it